January 12, 2012

Two Year Anniversary & A New Adventure

Today is January, 12, 2012.  Today is the two-year anniversary of the earthquake in Haiti.  Today we remember those lost on that day.  Today we grieve with those who are grieving.  Today we remember all of the faces we saw, the hands we held, the babies we squeezed, and the voices of those we lifted our voices in praise with one year ago on our trip to Haiti.

As we were preparing for our trip last year, people told us that it was gonna "change us" or that it would "change our lives" and we knew that it would, but we really had no idea how God, through that trip would grab ahold of our family in such a radical way this past year.

Towards the end of our time in Haiti, our group leader, Pastor Ricky had asked us what "God moments" we had seen that week and how those experiences would change us.  And at the time I had no idea what to do with all I had seen and done that week. I had no idea how to process what was going on inside me.  My son, Clay calls this the "airplane story" and I share it often...As we were leaving Haiti at the end of our trip, we boarded the airplane in Port Au Prince headed for Miami.  We took our seats and waited for the airplane to take off.  As I was sitting there, waiting and praying, a wave of uncontrollable emotion came over me.  I began to shake and cry (so much so that Clay was looking for an empty seat to move to 'cause he thought I was losing it! ).  I was so relieved that that airplane was taking me home but I was absolutely overcome with grief by all that I could still see out of the window...all that I was leaving behind.  I was overwhelmed by the magnitude of Haiti's problems. I felt so incredibly small. So inadequate. It really took a  long time for everything to sink in. I have been praying since then that God would use me, grow me, change me and break my heart for what breaks His...and He has.

This past Sunday, we had the privilege of sharing with our church family about all that God has been doing in our family this past year.  We also shared some exciting news about our new adventure this coming year!   


We are in the process of adopting two children from Haiti!  We have been praying and praying for God's wisdom and direction and provision and that He would guide our every step in this journey. 
We would love for you come along side us and pray with us and be a part of the journey with us!  
It is my prayer that every single person involved in this process and every single person that touches our file...from social workers, to notaries, county, state, USCIS, to the Haitian Embassy.. would see the love of Jesus shine through our family!! We are beginning to work on mounds and mounds of paperwork...it will be a long, tedious process, with LOTS of ups and downs and LOTS of waiting and TONS of fund-raising but we know that GOD is in control!

Carleigh and I took a quick trip to the grocery one day last week to pick up a few things. On our way out of the store, Carleigh yells to me, "Do fast, Mom!"  She wanted me to push the grocery cart as fast as I could. So, in an effort not to disappoint her, I began to RUN like a crazy woman through the parking lot pushing the grocery cart as fast as I could while Carleigh did this:

God spoke so clearly to me through her little face...He said, "Sheree, just let go, put your hands in the air, give ME the glory and enjoy the ride"...so we hope that you'll enjoy the ride with us!

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